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At Shield Criminal Defense Law, Craig Sturm prides himself on providing a superior legal defense to our clients, 100% of the time.  Our criminal defense lawyers have spent years navigating the legal system and devising successful defense strategies, keeping up to date on current California laws, and providing aggressive and affordable legal representation of our clients in the courtroom.

We understand the emotional burden that facing a criminal charge can place on you and your loved ones. Being convicted can result in long lasting consequences including hefty fines, jail time, loss of job, being separated from your family, and having a criminal record. However, being charged with a crime does not mean you will be convicted, and a conviction does not necessarily mean you will go to jail or face life-altering changes. We fight to make the prosecution prove their case, get reduced sentencing, alternative sentencing, and get you back home to everyday life as quickly as possible.

Mr. Sturm uses his array of knowledge and experience to successfully protect the rights of criminal suspects along with their driving record and privileges. He’s so committed to offering clients the best service and defense that he attends training seminars centered on fighting the infinite supply of scientific evidence the government seems to have.

Given his vast knowledge and experience in the criminal law field, Craig Sturm is one of the most informative criminal defense attorneys in the business. He not only has county experience but also large firm law experience that makes him second-to-none in the field and a must-have in any criminal charge situation.

All you need, during this trying time, is to call us to set up a time for a free consultation. He’ll listen to your situation, look at the evidence and provide you with a genuine review of what your case could entail and the possible outcome. Mr. Sturm is one of the most dedicated lawyers to his clients and cares deeply about their future.

Mr. Sturm focuses exclusively on criminal matters, which means you won’t be hiring an attorney that only does what you need some of the time. You’ll be hiring an expert in California criminal law, whose only specialty is knowing how to fight for you.

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Why shouldn’t I just get a public defender? I can’t afford a private attorney.

While obtaining a public defender can be a good option, they are often over-burdened with cases and lack the ability to provide your case with the individualized attention that it deserves. Craig Sturm offers payment plans so you can afford the defense you need, worry free.

Don’t delay!

Many people delay hiring an attorney because they are embarrassed to discuss their criminal charges. At Shield Criminal Law, we understand that sometimes good people make mistakes. The great American poet Alexander Pope once said, “to err is to be human”. Translation? Making a mistake doesn’t make you’re bad, it makes you human. Our only concern is making sure that you get the best possible representation, with the best possible outcome.

We vow to always speak to you in a candid, judgement free manner about your case.

We’re there when you need us!

Your relationship with your criminal law attorney doesn’t have to end when your case is closed. We can also see you through any related matters after your court date. You are always able to reach us if you have questions about probation, appealing the court’s decision or the reduction of a sentence.

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Staff is available 24 hours a day to take your call. If your legal situation is pressing and requires attention right away, we can accommodate same day or next day appointments

We understand how legal issues, especially those of a criminal nature, can result in added stress, confusing paperwork, and uncertainty.  Let our experienced Los Angeles lawyers handle your stressful legal situation on your behalf while you turn your attention back to what is important to you.

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