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If you live in Avalon, then you know what it’s like to live on a little slice of island paradise. The city of Avalon is the only incorporated city on Catalina Island, which is just off the coast of California. Many who live on the island are part of the tourism industry, while others have simply retired to the island to live the good life. The city and the island have a number of wonderful things to enjoy for those who are visiting, as well as for residents.

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One of the island’s most popular spots is the Catalina Island Casino. Those who live there know that this isn’t an actual gambling casino. It’s a beautiful historical building that has been the defining landmark on the island since it opened more than eight decades ago. It hosts concerts, live theater, and movies. Each year, the Casino hosts the New Year’s Eve Celebration, as well as the Catalina Island Jazz Festival.

Descanso Beach, the Wrigley Memorial and Botanic Garden, the Catalina Island Conservancy, and the Catalina Island Museum are just a couple of the other attractions that locals and tourists alike love in Avalon. There are some great restaurants on the island as well. Some of the popular spots to dine in Avalon include Steve’s Steakhouse, Luau Larry’s, Bluewater Avalon Seafood Restaurant, The Lobster Trap, Original Jack’s Country Kitchen, and Maggie’s Blue Rose. Those who have a sweet tooth will also know about Lloyd’s of Avalon Confectionary.

With Avalon being such a wonderful place to live, the last thing you want is to have a criminal charge weighing you down. If you are facing a criminal case, you don’t want to try to deal with it on your own. You want to work with a top quality Avalon criminal defense attorney with experience in criminal cases. Get in touch with us today to speak with our Avalon criminal lawyer.

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