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Many people call Glendora the Pride of the Foothills, and those who live there know exactly why. This is a beautiful, affluent city that has a lot to offer including great housing and a top quality school district. The crime rate in the town is very low, and most consider it to be a very safe, friendly town and a perfect place to raise a family.

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There are many different types of homes throughout the various neighborhoods in Glendora including ranch homes, bungalows, and massive mansions. The neighborhoods in Glendora include Morgan Ranch, Gordon Highlands, Bluebird Hill, Silent Ranch, Oak Tree Rancho, Hidden Springs, Oakhart Estates, and Easley Canyon Estates.

The residents love the large number of city parks, as well as the programs they provide for children. One of the popular programs is called Camp Cahuilla, which is a summer day camp for kids. The town has a nine-hole golf course, and the historic Rubel Castel. Because this is an affluent neighborhood, there are a large number of celebrities who have called it home. Some of the most well-known include Michael Anthony, Casey Jacobsen, Vince Neil, Misty Rowe, and Shawn Wooten. Residents who are looking for a place to dine have plenty of options including The Krave Kobe Burger Grill, Taco Grill, and Clubhouse 66.

If you are living in the area of Glendora, you know that it has a great atmosphere and plenty to do, and you probably love it there. However, if you have a criminal charge you are facing, you probably aren’t very happy about it.

These are serious charges, and the punishments can be severe. You need to have an experienced Glendora criminal attorney helping you with this case. Contact the Glendora criminal defense lawyers in our office today.

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