Hawaiian Gardens

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The city of Hawaiian Gardens has the distinction of being the smallest city in the entire county. The area only encompasses about one square mile, but it still has a population of more than 14,000 people. While the town was not incorporated until 1964, the name dates back much further and stems from a refreshment stand that was there in the 1920s that was decorated Hawaiian style. It was a landmark for many years, and eventually that became the name of the town. Another interesting fact about the city is that it is one of the few in the county that allows gambling. This has been very good to Hawaiian Gardens, as it accounts for more than 65% of the city’s revenue.

This revenue comes from one of the most popular spots in the city – the Hawaiian Gardens Casino. If you would like to try your hand at gambling to see how Lady Luck will treat you, this is the spot to go. There are also some nice eateries in the city of Hawaiian Gardens that you will want to try including Barney’s, Blue Song Restaurant, Don Ruben Mexican Grill, and Jang Soo Sushi Bar.

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It’s a nice place to live, and it’s convenient that so many of the other Southern California attractions are a short drive away. However, if you have a criminal charge pending and need a Hawaiian Gardens criminal defense lawyer, you probably won’t be driving much of anywhere in Hawaiian Gardens or anywhere else for that matter.

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