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The city of Irwindale is in the San Gabriel Valley, and it has a population of just over 1,400, making it a relatively sparsely populated city. The biggest source of revenue for the city, the rock quarries, are what take up most of the space in Irwindale. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t quite a few other things there for the residents to enjoy.

The Irwindale Event Center is a popular place for concerts and other events that happen regularly. In addition, many residents like to spend time enjoying the weather and the water at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Park near the river.

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Another one of the interesting fixtures in the city is the Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California, which has made its permanent home in Irwindale. The event happens every year, and it always draws a large crowd of people from outside of the city. Even though the population is low, there are plenty of things in the city for the residents including a teen center, a skate park, a public gym, and a senior center.

The city is also close to many of the other areas of Los Angeles, so driving to visit amusement parks, the beach, to go shopping, and just to explore is always nice and easy. If you live in Irwindale and you were arrested for a criminal charge, you will need to speak to a Irwindale criminal attorney.

Facing criminal charges is no fun, and you really do need to have an experienced Irwindale criminal defense lawyer on your side helping with the case. Take the time to get in touch with our offices and get a consultation. The experienced attorneys here are well-versed in criminal cases and they can help you.

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