La Habra Heights

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La Habra Heights is a rural community located in a canyon on the border of Los Angeles and Orange Counties to the south of L.A. The population of the city is relatively low compared to many of the other places around Los Angeles County, with there being only about 5,400 residents. Those who live in La Habra Heights know that despite being close to major metropolitan areas, this really is a very rural community. There aren’t any commercial businesses located in the town, and that includes stores and gas stations. There is a nursery for plants, a private golf course, and businesses based out of homes, but there is very little commercial activity happening in La Habra Heights. That’s the way that many of the residents like it. They know that if they need anything, it’s just a short drive away. They can head to the store, go shopping, dining, and find entertainment in many of the other areas of Los Angeles County. They like the quiet and simple life in their town.

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The town has just one park, and it is called The Park. It’s on Hacienda Road, and this is where they hold all of the community events for La Habra Heights. There are a number of family events throughout the year. It’s a truly quiet place to live and call home. That’s not to say that sometimes trouble doesn’t intrude. If you are facing a criminal charge you should consult a La Habra Heights criminal defense attorney to discuss your options. These charges can be very damaging, so you need to take them seriously. Make sure you contact the experienced, professional La Habra Heights criminal lawyer from our office so you can get your consultation.

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