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The name Maywood makes many people think of a small town, and that’s actually quite apt for this city. It is the third smallest incorporated city in the county, and it is only 1.18 square miles. The population is a bit under 28,000 people currently, but it is still growing and is a popular city.

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Since the city is small, it only has room for two large parks, but it does have two smaller parks as well. The two large parks are Maywood Park, which has an activity center and a baseball field, and Maywood Riverfront Park. The Riverfront Park has a soccer field, handball courts, and a basketball court. In addition, it has access to the L.A. River Bike Path. The smaller parks are called Pixley Park and Pine Avenue Park.

The town also holds the Maywood Street Fair each Memorial Day weekend, and this is always a hit with the locals. The fair has rides, food, games, music, a wealth of different types of food, and some fun activities that everyone can enjoy.

Maywood has the small town feel and flavor that many people crave. It’s nice that it is still just a short drive to Los Angeles, but you get to retain the rural feel. That’s not to say that you don’t have plenty to enjoy in the city. It has some nice eateries that you are sure to enjoy including Big Al’s Pizzeria, Douglas Drive-In, and the Sabrosa Grill.

Those who have had the unfortunate experience of getting charged with a criminal charge in Maywood are probably not looking forward to any of the great activities the town offers with the exception of seeking help from a Maywood criminal attorney. Fortunately, there are experienced Maywood criminal defense lawyer such as those in our office, who can help you with your case.

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