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The city of Paramount is only a short distance from the downtown area of Los Angeles, and though it only takes up about 4.8 square miles, it has a population of more than 54,000 people. One of the prime landmarks in the city is the Paramount Hay Tree, which is actually a California State Historical Landmark. It is a large camphor tree that was once very important to the city when it was a prime hay trading marketplace. Those who have any interest in hockey might also like to know that this city is the home of the Zamboni Company and make the machines that resurface the ice at hockey games.

The city of Paramount has quite a few other things for residents to enjoy as well. If you like to go ice skating, then you will want to head to Iceland. You can get outside and visit Ralph C. Dills Park, or you could go to the drive-in theater. These drive-ins are disappearing all over the country, and whether you’ve experienced the drive-in plenty of times before or you’ve never gone, it is always a good experience. For many, it’s nostalgic, and one of the best ways to see a movie.

You can find a number of places to dine in Paramount as well. Some of the places to consider visiting include Alondra Hot Wings, Tam’s Burgers, Rosewoods Restaurant, Café Corleone, Japanese Castle, and Treasure Pot Thai Restaurant. Of course, you might not have much of an appetite if you’ve recently been arrested on a criminal charge. If you are trying to figure out what to do, stop doing it on your own. You need the help of the expert Paramount criminal lawyer in our office, so contact us touch today.

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