Pico Rivera

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Pico Rivera, which is situated in the southeastern portion of Los Angeles County, is only about 11 miles from downtown Los Angeles, which means many activities and attractions are just a short distance away. Residents who have to commute into the LA area for work also like the convenient location. The city itself has quite a bit to offer. Pico Rivera has a number of parks as well as playgrounds for the kids. Some of the popular options include Smith Park, Pico Park, Rio Vista Park, Stream Land Park, and Rivera Park. There are also a number of athletic fields, four community centers, two gymnasiums, aquatic centers, and a skate park. There is even a nine-hole golf course that might interest you.

Residents of Pico Rivera will also have access to a number of different dining establishments that are varied enough to suit just about any appetite. Some of the spots that you might want to checkout if you haven’t already, include Dal Rae, Clearman’s Steak ‘n Stein, President Thai Café, Sam’s Burgers, Tommy’s Hamburgers, and Norm’s Restaurant. There is something for everyone to eat, including a number of fast food eateries when you don’t have the time to go in and sit down for a meal.

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