Robbery Crimes

robbery crimesRobbery is more than just taking something that isn’t yours. In California, Robbery is defined as the taking of property against someone’s will by force or fear, or by preventing the victim from resisting.

Los Angeles County Courts do not take crimes that use threats or violence lightly. These crimes are more heavily and aggressively prosecuted. If you’ve been charged with Robbery, you need a Los Angeles robbery attorney in your corner. Call Shield Criminal Defense Law 24 hours a day for a free legal analysis of your charges at (213) 514-8732.

  • First Degree Robbery – a robbery in California is considered first degree robbery if it is done inside of an inhabited structure (for instance, if the owners of a home are inside when it is forcefully broken into), the robbery of any driver or passenger on a bus, in a taxi, streetcar or subway train, or the robbery of anyone at an ATM or of someone who has just left an ATM.
  • Second Degree Robbery – California law considers second degree robbery as anything that does not fall under the definition of first degree robbery
  • Armed or Aggravated Robbery – in some jurisdictions armed and aggravated robbery are the same. Generally, being charged with this is a felony and involves the use of a deadly weapon or physically harming the victim during the process of committing robbery.
  • Bank Robbery – Bank robbery is a Federal crime which incurs particularly harsh sentences. Those sentences can be affected by the seriousness, or degree of the crime. In cases where offenders carry or use a deadly weapon, it is considered bank robbery in the first degree, which incurs some of the most serious sentences. This is especially true if anyone is injured or killed as a result of the crime.

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Consequences of a Robbery Conviction

Depending on circumstances such as degree, use of a weapon and the personal criminal history of the accused, penalties for robbery can widely vary.

Generally sentencing is as follows:

  • First degree robbery convictions can carry a prison sentence of up to 9 years
  • Second degree robbery convictions can carry a prison sentence of up to 5 years
  • Bank robberies are considered federal crimes, and can carry much harsher and longer prison sentences

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the crime, you could also be subjected to a number of sentence enhancements under California law.

For instance:

  • If you inflicted physical harm on anyone during the course of the robbery you could be subject to an additional 3 to 6 years of incarceration
  • Committing the robbery as part of gang related activity could result in up to 10 years of additional incarceration
  • If you used a firearm you could face an additional 10 years in jail, and if you fired the weapon during the robbery you could face an additional 20 years in jail.
  • If you inflicted physical injury with a gun, or a victim died as a result of being shot during the robbery, you could face 25 years to life in prison.

If you’ve been arrested or charged with robbery in the Los Angeles area, you need a seasoned criminal defense attorney to start working on your defense right away.

Fortunately, our Los Angeles robbery lawyer has to know-how to explore a variety of defense options for you. These include:

  • You didn’t use force or fear to take the property
  • You believed that you had ownership or a right to the property
  • You are a victim of mistaken identity
  • You were falsely accused

If you’ve been arrested or charged with robbery, no matter what the degree or type, you should talk to a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney that can explain the legal process to you and determine the best course of action to take depending on the facts of your individual case. A Los Angeles robbery lawyer can advise you regarding whether you are in a good position to get your charges reduced or dismissed, obtain a good plea bargain, or go to trial. Call us today at (213) 514-8732.