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Many consider San Gabriel to be the birthplace of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area that we know today, and it has certainly been important to the history of the area. The population of the city is around 40,000, and there are many things in and around the city that keep drawing more and more residents to it. The city is beautiful and it has a diverse and welcoming culture. There are a number of interesting destinations in the city including San Gabriel Square, the Mission Playhouse, Vincent Lugo Park, The San Gabriel Country Club, the San Gabriel Mission, and much more.

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Around the city of San Gabriel, you will also find scores of places to dine. Some of the places that you may want to visit if you haven’t already gone there include Amrose Restaurant, Armando’s Restaurant, Battambang Seafood Restaurant, Beto’s Grill, Cowboy’s Steakhouse, Happy Kitchen, and Fine Garden Vegetarian for those who abstain from meat. This is just a small sample of the different eateries in the area.

The San Gabriel Library is also a nice place to spend some time whether you are checking out some books with the kids, or you are just looking for a place to enjoy a book and some peace and quiet. The library features story time for the kids, as well as themed events on occasion.

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