South El Monte

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The city of South El Monte is located in the San Gabriel Valley and it has a population of just over 20,000. This is a relatively small city, and it encompasses 2.8 square miles. Although it is a small city, it still has plenty of activities and sites that residents can enjoy. They have some beautiful parks and centers, which are safe and fun. Kids love the Mary Van Dyke Park, which has a nice playground, but that’s just the start of the South El Monte Parks. There is also New Temple Park, Shively Park, and Thienes Gateway Park. There is a community center with a skate park, a center for the kids, and a senior center. The town has a family friendly atmosphere and qualified South El Monte criminal attorneys.

South El Monte offers senior programs, youth programs, an aquatics program, and a number of leisure classes for people to take. Some of the leisure classes include karate, boxing, and Zumba. Of course, after all of those activities, you are probably going to be rather hungry. Fortunately, South El Monte offers quite a few great restaurants as well including Cielito Lindo Restaurant, Taco’s Omana, Tomo Sushi & Teriyaki, and much more.

One of the other nice things about South El Monte is the location. Even though it is a small city with a small town atmosphere, it is actually just a short distance from the downtown Los Angeles area. You can commute for work or entertainment with ease, unless, of course, you have a criminal charge pending. If you are facing criminal charges, you will want to have an attorney working on your case. We have a highly regarded South El Monte criminal defense lawyer working in our office, so get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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