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South Gate is a large city that is a part of the Gateway Cities in L.A. County. The population at the last census showed that there were around 94,400 people living in the city.

The city of South Gate has a number of different attractions and activities that residents can enjoy, and the nine city parks are some of the most popular. The largest park is called South Gate Park, and it has nearly 97 acres of space. This is the park that hosts most of the city’s parks and rec department’s programs and events. The park includes an auditorium, a girl’s clubhouse, a 9-hole golf course, a swim stadium, sports center, and a senior recreation center. It also has athletic fields, playgrounds, and much more.

While not as large at South Gate Park, Hollydale Regional Park in South Gate is still quite large. It encompasses 56 acres and has a baseball field, tennis courts, a playground, and an equestrian center where you can ride horses. Other parks in the area are smaller, but they still have a lot to offer. They include Cesar Chaves Park, Circle Park, Hollydale Community Park, State Street Park, Gardendale Tot Lot, Triangle Park, and Stanford Park. South Gate also has a number of nice eateries including Blaze Pizza, Jaruwan Thai Restaurant, and Dragon Loco.

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