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Located only five miles south of downtown Los Angeles is the tiny city of Vernon. In fact, tiny hardly describes it. There were only 112 people in the town at the time of the last census, making it the smallest incorporated city in the entire state of California. The city doesn’t have any parks or many activities at all, as it is mostly industrial. There are some residents who call it home though. Some work in the city, while others work in the nearby towns and cities. One of the nice things about the town is that it is so close to many of the other popular attractions and destinations in the Los Angeles area.

Those who live in Vernon often take advantage of this. They are able to drive to many of the different attractions all around the county. It’s only a short drive to the beaches, and they are not too far from Anaheim, where they can enjoy Disneyland and California Adventure. No matter what you want to do in the area, whether it’s hitting the heart of Hollywood, heading north or east for some hiking, or you just want to visit the beach, it’s easy to do from Vernon.

If you live in the area and you’ve been charged with a criminal offense in Vernon, you might not know what to do or where to turn next. It is important to realize that criminal charges are very serious and that you need to take action soon if you want to have a chance of keeping your license. Most importantly, one of your first calls should be to our office so our Vernon criminal lawyer can review your case. Our legal team and Vernon criminal defense attorney has the knowledge needed to help you with your criminal charges.

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