Violent Crimes

Violent Crimes, murder, manslaughter, kidnappingIn the criminal courts of Los Angeles, charges become much more severe when the element of violence is involved. Violent crimes are viewed as particularly monstrous, and the penalties for those found guilty can range from severe to life-long. The Los Angeles violent crime attorney at Shield Criminal Defense Law has more than 14 years of experience representing individuals accused of committing acts of violence. Call us today for a free consultation at (213) 514-8732 and to find out how we can best defend your rights and your future.

So you’ve been charged with a crime of violence…

Being convicted of any crime will greatly affect a person’s daily life but the consequences of being convicted of a violent crime can be especially harsh. Not only do the penalties of a conviction get larger and more damaging, but the stigma that accompanies a violent crime also grows. A conviction for a violent crime can cause difficulties securing student loans for education, loss of certain jobs and can affect present and future relationships with people in your life.

To convict a person for a violent crime, prosecutors must prove that he or she committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. An experienced Los Angeles violent crime lawyer forces the prosecution to demonstrate that very high level of proof, as well as protects their client’s Constitutional rights throughout the criminal process.

Hire a Qualified Los Angeles Violent Crime Attorney

What Qualifies as a Violent Crime?

The state of California considers violent offenses to be the most dangerous and harmful of all crimes. Out of all of the different crimes considered to be violent, the majority of them are classified as felonies, which carry much heavier penalties and consequences.

The following lists many violent crimes that are considered felony offenses:

  • Murder or Attempted Murder
  • Rape
  • Kidnapping
  • Gang crimes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Aggravated Robbery
  • Assault and Battery
  • Home Invasion
  • Carjacking
  • False Imprisonment
  • Child Abuse
  • Sexual Battery
  • Sexual Assault

It is also little known that a violent act does not have to physically occur — the threat or implication of violence is enough to be charged.

What are the consequences of a violent crime conviction?

Because of the wide range of offenses that are considered violent crimes, a number of different penalties exist. The penalties of these crimes can be increased by the severity of the crime, the use or possession of a weapon while committing the crime and the criminal history of the defendant.  Some common penalties of violent offenses include:

  • Death Sentence
  • Incarceration
  • Life in jail without the possibility of parole
  • At home electronic monitoring (House arrest)
  • Restitution
  • Registration on the national sex offender registry
  • Court-ordered counseling

In addition, being convicted, or even just being accused of a violent crime often incites penalties not inflicted by the court. For example, many employers will not hire someone who has committed a violent crime or your present employer may fire you for a conviction. On a personal level, many people will not associate with someone who has been accused of a violent crime.

Most violent crimes fall under the California “Three Strikes” Law. A conviction of these crimes will have serious and significant consequences to you or a loved one charged with a violent crime.

Shield Criminal Defense Law attorneys defends those accused of violent crimes by:

  • Conducting comprehensive investigations. We never rely solely on the prosecution’s investigation or on police reports. Our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys conduct their own investigations into your case to find inconsistencies we can use to your advantage.
  • Consulting with experts. The prosecution may call on expert testimony to help build their case. We have access to our own trusted advisors and expert witnesses to help form your case.
  • Determined litigation. When a case can’t be settled out of court, we are ready to defend you in a courtroom.

An experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer can use certain defenses available to you if you are charged, such as:

  • Self defense
  • Defense of others
  • The “Castle Doctrine”, which is similar to “Stand Your Ground” laws that other states carry

If these defenses are effectively argued, the charge against you may be reduced to a lesser crime or misdemeanor, or dismissed completely.

If you’re being investigated or charged with a violent offense, you need an attorney well-versed in handling violent crime defense. Call Shield Criminal Defense Law at (213) 514-8732 for peace of mind and to connected with someone who can help you. We’re here 24 hours a day to talk to answer your questions and provide free legal analysis of your charges.