Weapons Violations

weapons violation lawyerThe state of California defines a deadly weapon as anything that can cause death if it is used in a violent fashion. So, as you can imagine, many things can be considered a deadly weapon, including your vehicle or even your fist under certain circumstances.

Los Angeles Weapons Violation Attorney Legal Representation

If you or a loved one has been charged with the illegal possession or use of a weapon, you need a Los Angeles weapons violation lawyer to advise and guide you through the court process. Shield Criminal Defense Law defends weapon charges such as:

  • Carrying a concealed firearm
  • Improper handling of a gun in a car
  • Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon or firearm
  • Possession of a deadly weapon by a felon
  • Firing or shooting a gun into an occupied building
  • Selling firearms
  • Possessing an assault weapon
  • Possession of a firearm without a permit
  • Brandishing a deadly weapon

Did you know?

Many criminal weapons charges are the result of transporting a firearm in your car. Oftentimes people are simply taking their firearm from home to the firing range and back, but improperly securing the weapon for transport can result in fines and charges.

California law requires that a gun be unloaded and stored in a locked, secure container. Generally, this means the trunk of your vehicle. Many people don’t realize that even a locked glove compartment does not qualify, and could inadvertently result in criminal charges or fines.

What are the penalties for a weapons conviction in California?

A conviction of a misdemeanor weapons charge, such as brandishing a weapon or open carrying your weapon without a permit, is punishable by up to one year in jail. In addition, a fine of as much as $1000 can be ordered separately or in addition to jail time.

For a felony conviction, some period of incarceration should be expected. Charges such as assault with a deadly weapon, possessing an assault weapon or the illegal sale of firearms are always prosecuted as felonies. The state of California recommends a penalty from one year to 20 years in prison for felony weapons convictions.

Your sentence for a California felony weapons charges depends on several things including:

  • What the weapon was
  • How it was used
  • Your criminal history
  • If the weapon was concealed

What effect could pleading guilty to a weapons violation have on me?

A guilty verdict for weapons charges can impact an individual for the rest of their life. It could come back to haunt you when applying for employment or for a place of residence. Some weapons violations are also considered violent crimes and can carry a negative social stigma with friends, family and neighbors.

However, as difficult as facing a weapons charge in Los Angeles may seem, there are also many sustainable defenses for weapons violations that Shield Criminal Defense Law takes into consideration for you as a client, including:

  • Improper search and seizure of weapons – we can determine if the traffic stop, home search or body search that was done was within your Constitutional rights. We can also go over police reports and charging documents to ensure all the proper procedures were observed when collecting evidence and information in order to charge you.
  • The use of weapons in self-defense – if you were you defending yourself, your home, or someone else, your charges could be reduced or dismissed.
  • Accidental firing of a weapon – if the discharging of your weapon was accidental, it could result in a reduced or dismissed charge, as long as no one was physically hurt.
  • Non-ownership of the weapon in possession – if the weapon found in your vehicle or home did not belong to you, we can prove ownership belongs to someone else and get your charges dismissed.

When facing charges as serious as these, you want to make sure you have the strongest defense possible. Shield Criminal Defense Law attorneys know that the system can be unfair. We also understand that mistakes happen and sometimes all it takes is the right person to listen to your side. Our Los Angeles weapons violation lawyer are here give you a voice in the criminal court system and make sure your rights are protected at every stage. Call us 24 hours a day for a free legal consultation at (213) 514-8732.